Eating My Cum

by perVRt Gay


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Eating My Cum - Solo Guy Jerking Off

3D 180° 60 FPS
Starring: The Wicked King
Jan 14, 2019
Positions: Sitting
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Sometimes when you are home alone, that is when you come up with the best ideas. This hug, tatted up stud, was just kicking back around the house when he decided to have a little fun. Once he was naked, he got into his favorite chair, turned on his favorite gay porn movie, and started stroking his big cock. He was so turned on all he had to do was massage his balls and his cock started getting hard so he gripped it tight and pulled on it with fast, hard strokes. It didn't take this skilled guy long before he was busting a nut all over his hands, arm, and body then he wiped the cum up and licked his fingers clean!

This guy is so understated and yet ... just fucking hot! You think it's just a jack off scene but he brings a sensuality that's beyond belief and just blows you away. Totally want more from this man... he's awesome.
Broy (more than a month ago)
That was so damn hot. Get more of this guy....
Broy (more than a month ago)