My Boss

by Virtual Real Gay


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My Boss - Sensual Massage and Hardcore Sex

3D 180° 60 FPS
Starring: Sergyo Brute Club
May 07, 2016
Positions: Laying Leaning
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It had been a pretty stressful day so Brute Club was relaxing when his employee Sergyo came in to see if he needed anything. Sergyo agreed to give Brute a massage, oiling up his legs and arms as he rubbed him down and tried to relax him. Running his hands all over Brute’s body really turned Sergyo on so he stripped off his clothes and straddled Brute while stroking his cock. Knowing that getting laid would really relax him, Brute put his leg up over Sergyo’s shoulder and let him bury that big bone deep in his ass. Sergyo fucked Brute with long, deep strokes, completely satisfying his boss before pulling out, going cock to cock with him, and cumming all over him. Job well done!

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