Swimming Trainer

by Virtual Real Gay


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Swimming Trainer - Hardcore Gay Sex Poolside

3D 180° 60 FPS
Starring: Jeffrey Lloyd Thomas Friedl
Aug 02, 2017
Positions: Leaning Sitting
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Thomas Friedl wanted to improve his swimming so he hired Jeffrey Lloyd to be his swimming coach. As the first lesson came to an end, Jeffrey showed his appreciation for Thomas’s hard work by pulling him close, kissing him passionately, and pulling on his dick after taking his swim trunks off. Thomas enjoyed running his hands all over Jeffrey’s fit, strong body then he let Jeffrey take charge when Jeffrey laid him back, sucked his cock, then drove his dick deep into Thomas’s ass. On his back, then on his knees, then on his back again, Jeffrey pounded Thomas with deep, hard thrusts. When he was ready to pop he pulled out and shot his load all over Thomas’s balls before jerking Thomas until he came as well. Best swim lesson ever!

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